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A green economy transition

Catalysing investments is key to enable Africa’s just transition

Climate change is accelerating the need for a just transition. The shift toward a Green Economy is gradually taking place on the African continent where governments are developing national plans and laying strategies to adapt their economies and growth models toward achieving the Sustainable Development Goals of 2030, and the Paris Climate Change Agreement.

Green Economy is defined as ‘Sustainable development without degrading the environment. It is low carbon, resource efficient and socially inclusive. It does not replace sustainable development, but creates a new focus on the economy, investment, capital and infrastructure, employment and skills and positive social and environmental outcomes,’ as described by the UN Environmental Programme. 

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7 main sectors of the green economy

African cities and green-tech start-ups are spearheading the necessary change but require more capital to grow. Therefore, catalysing investments across local and international stakeholders is key to fast track the development of projects and infrastructure to enable Africa’s green economy transition.

​This new era presents a massive opportunity for projects to scale up and green industrialisation, which will have a significant impact on environmental sustainability and economic growth.

Why attend?

  • Connect with investable green projects from Africa 

  • Access global finance and investment opportunities

  • Discover African cities' needs and plans to fast-track the net-zero transition

  • Discuss proven policy frameworks that will drive green investment in Africa

  • Engage with sustainable African infrastructure businesses

Who should attend
  • Development finance institutions

  • Commercial banks

  • Private equity

  • Venture capital investors

  • EPC companies

  • Property Developers

  • Brokers

  • Family offices

  • Sovereign Wealth Funds

  • Foundations

  • Fund Managers

  • Project owners & promoters

  • Cities & municipalities

  • Local & national government

  • Trade & investment agencies

  • Government agencies & regulators

  • R&D and universities

  • Transport operators

  • OEMs

  • Energy supply & storage

  • IT & digital solutions

  • Manufacturers & suppliers

  • EV infrastructure

  • Railroad equipment

  • Legal & advisory firms

  • Insurance & risk companies

7 Commitments

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Attract global finance and investment to connect with projects from across the continent

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Highlight development project opportunities, municipal plans and institutional commitments

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Create an investable climate for stakeholders eager to shape a greener and inclusive future for all

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Give a real snapshot of Africa's green economy future by connecting people & organisations

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Provide local and national policy makers with

data, best practices

and policy recommendations

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Foster the creation of public-private partnerships

Commitment numbers7.png

Work towards the UN's Sustainable Development Goals for an inclusive, cleaner and more-prosperous world by 2030

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